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The Midwest Vapor Coalition [MVC] is a non-profit trade organization advocating and fighting for the rights and regulations of independent business owners and entrepreneurs representing Vapor Retail and Vapor Manufacturing / Distributing businesses in the Midwest region of the United States. 

Member contributions are the organization's sole source of funding and help to cover the expenses of retaining proper Lobbyists and Administrators, who help us formulate and communicate our message and assist us in effectively presenting a collective voice that can be heard at all state levels of government.

The MVC's objectives are to serve as a collective voice for all of Midwest vapor-related businesses and to position our industry such that it is poised to help shape any and all government regulations that might effect our industry.

Effective advocacy requires a great deal of time and money. Individually this is difficult for any one business owner, but collectively our voice is LOUDER and has significantly more impact on our elected officials.