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Cap O'Rourke - Lobbyist / Government Relations Consultant and MVC Executive Director

Having spent his entire career working as a legislative strategist, policy advocate and grassroots campaigner, Cap has gained a deep understanding and appreciation of the complex pressures - political, financial, media, and human - that affect how public policy decisions are generally made.   
Using that experience, Cap founded O’Rourke Strategic Consulting (OSC), a lobbying firm that assists organizations in strengthening their issue-position(s) and facilitates the process that allows them to have an impact on policies in which they are invested. 

In his 15+ years working in the political arena, Cap has honed his understanding of the process and the complexities involved with matching politically viable solutions to public policy concerns. This insight, plus his large network of contacts in the lobbying community and with elected officials, continues to be a successful formula for helping clients navigate the political arena in an effective manner.  

Cap has been on the front lines of all-things Vapor Advocacy in Minnesota for the past five years, on both the state and municipal levels. He also served on the national level for one year, as President of SFATA.