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Midwest Vapor Coalition [MVC] Membership Benefits 

WHY should I join? - and - WHAT do I get?

MVC Member donations help to cover the expenses of retaining proper Lobbyists to represent all of us at our respective state(s) level, enabling us to present a collective voice so we can be heard by our legislators and state government(s). MVC *
Members* receive ...


  • Representation in front of our states' governing bodies, committees, etc. in all instances where they are looking to further regulate or tax vapor.
  • Electronic updates and analysis regarding proposed new laws and rules affecting your business (weekly, during session; periodically off-session). 
  • Electronic updates and analysis regarding potential changes to federal laws as well as FDA announcements. 
  • Research and electronic updates on vaping public policy issues around the country and - when applicable - analysis regarding if/how it might affect our region.
  • Access to your state's MVC Lobbyist for Q&A and/or insightful analysis when needed. 
  • Access to industry talking points guidelines.
  • Access to the MVC website's member-only tools, including special features like Discussion Boards (Forums) or the Member Directory (for example). 
  • Assistance in dealing media requests.
  • Oversight of a comprehensive strategic media plan.
*These are members-only benefits. Non members will not be included in electronic updates unless a state-wide CTA or notification is called for on a specific matter and will not have access to the MVC lobbyist or website tools, such as the online directory or discussion forums, for example.  

Please contact Lynda Barry, MVC's Administrator & Membership Coordinator, with any questions about how to join! 
612-701-9194 /

Members, contact Cap O’Rourke with OSC, Inc., our Government Relations Advocate with any specific questions about our past, present or future advocacy efforts. 
612-483-1863  /